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July 21, 2022  

Did you know that physical exfoliants are not the only form of exfoliating? I am lowkey directing this to the honeys that still dabble in the likes of St Ives. Baby let it go, please. Your skin will thank you; I promise!


Although several types of exfoliants are on the market, today we will be focusing on a mild exfoliant ingredient that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Salicylic Acid is the main ingredient in two of my favourite exfoliants. Frank Body Clearing Body Wash and Cerave SA Smoothing Cleanser are the perfect entry level exfoliants for any skincare babe. It’s even in the name, smoothing cleanser, clearing wash. Trust me it gets the job done.



Salicylic Acid has properties that allows it to get deeper into your pores, ridding them of excess oils, blemishes, and bacteria. The ingredient is great in treating the feel and appearance of rough, bumpy, and uneven skin, as well as Keratosis Piliaris. KP better known as strawberry legs is a skincare concern for so many people, however the use of any of the above products reduces its appearance drastically.

Due to the nature of Salicylic Acid qualities which allows it to penetrate and cleanse the pores, many find a better appearance of the KP in one use. The reason behind this is dead skin cell build up in your pores increases the darkness of KP. All your skin truly requires is a deep cleanse and restoration. To add to the wonder of this ingredient, it is also safe to use daily. I mean common, how can you not give it a go.


My experience with both products has been very positive. I initially started using Cerave during a very bad breakout period. The cleanser dried out my active acne, shrinking them drastically. It basically starved them of the bacteria that they were feeding off, allowing them to multiply and grow bigger. As well as reducing the breakout, the smoothing cleanser also got rid of my stubborn whiteheads that lingered on my jawline. All in all, it is a perfect inexpensive product to give a go. Remember to follow through with your hydrating, moisturising, sealing, and protecting steps after.


Frank Body came into the picture a little later down the line, as I never fathomed the idea of using Salicylic Acid as a topical exfoliant for my body. The minute buzz grew around this product and the “duh” like moment set in, I got my hands on a bottle instantly. Incorporated with Hyaluronic Acid as one of its other major ingredients, Frank Body I find is less drying than the Cerave. If you’re not aware, Hyaluronic Acid is a beautiful humectant that draws and holds moisture in, giving the Frank Body a beautiful balance paired with the might Salicylic Acid. Again, as you would the skin on your face follow through with your hydrating, moisturising, sealing, and protecting steps.