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July 21, 2022  

Let’s talk Azelaic Acid. Although nothing new to the skincare scene, it is definitely an holy grail for me. Reason, it just works. There is no other reason to try and win your soul and coins to this skincare cult fave. Azelaic Acid is simply that babe.

To give you a little science 101 not enough to bore you though, we will discuss exactly what this formula is. Azelaic Acid is a compound that kills the bacteria on the surface of the skin, reducing mildly to moderately inflamed acne significantly. It works by killing the bacteria and keeping the skin pores clean and clear, preventing the regeneration of acne breakouts. Azelaic Acid is a topical product only and, in the past, only obtainable vis prescription. You’ll be glad to know however, one of my favourite AA products is in fact an over the counter purchase. Big wins all around.


Dermatica – 20% Azelaic Acid

This brand is one of my go to when it comes to using AA. Dermatica is the first brand to provide AA at a 20% concentration over the counter. Can we give them a round of applause please, they deserve it. The texture of this is more closer to a serum like finish as opposed to a cream, which allows for its pump style packaging.


Skinoren – 20% Azelaic Acid

Now this brand was my number one as it was the very first AA product I used, although obtaining it via an online prescription service. I promise you the process is no obstacle course, it is simple skin related and light medical related questions. I found that this texture for me was thicker and I felt it coated my skin better. However, that is simply a preference.


A concentration of anything below 15% is (in my humblest opinion) a waste of time. Even for the sensitive skin honeys this 20% concentration is still safe and comfortable to use. AA is in fact safe to use daily, at even twice a day morning routine and night routine. However for the sensitive prone skin types you can always use it every other day to build up your tolerance.