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July 07, 2022  

Alpha Arbutin has truly been the key product and staple ingredient in my skincare routine. I have most definitely seen a great improvement in the discolouration and hyperpigmentation that has been caused by my previous breakouts. The level of fading and brightening of my dark marks have elevated several shades and, in some cases, completely blurred out. Patience however is key; it is essential that you just maintain your routine and stick to doing your part and allow for the product to do its part. 

Now let’s get into the science behind the wonderful Alpha Arbutin. An advanced skin brightening & lightening serum to improve the appearance of age spots, freckles and other hyperpigmentation skin concerns. The magic behind this serum is that it penetrates the cell layers to inhibit pigment formation and ensure even distribution of melanin. 

The biggest concerns of pigmentation are the aging and uneven skin tone that gives the visual appearance of aged worn skin. Nobody, regardless of age wants to have worn looking skin. We go through enough on a daily and our skin does not have to wear the burdens of all of that. Don’t you agree?

I must point out that brightening is not the same as bleaching. That is not a form of “skincare” that we promote here at Crown BeautyBrightening is increasing the radiance and glow of the skin and more about restoring the vibrancy to the skin. The focus is on the enhancing the beauty and clarity of the skin and not to do with reducing the pigmentation of the skin.

A brand that I swear by is Garden Of Wisdom – Alpha Arbutin & Kojic Acid Serum. This serum has stood its ground in helping to brighten and even out the hyperpigmentation I have experienced from a severe acne breakout. Below are a few images and dates to give slight context.